Fife Recorders Group

The Fife Recorders Group is a collection of people with a high degree of expertise in particular taxonomic groups.  It includes persons holding key roles in the area, such as Vice County Recorders, as well as other individuals with valuable knowledge, experience and identification skill.  Members’ relationship with Fife Nature Records Centre may include helping with identification queries, record verification, training and updating the Nature of Fife Inventory.  The group aim to meet annually to catch up, discuss ideas and share experiences and help guide Fife Nature in supporting recorders and recording; this may also be done through correspondence at the preference of the member.

Comprehensive representation of taxonomic groups is an aspiration.  If you would like to join the group, please email


Name Taxonomic groups represented on Fife Recorders Group Capacity on Fife Recorders Group Web link (if applicable)
Allan W Brown Wildfowl and in particular swans and geese (1) WeBS count coordinator for Fife (inland)
(2) Lothians & Fife Swan and Goose Study Group (unofficial group linked to specific studies)
(3) Co-author of Fife Bird Atlas
Brian Little Aculeates (Bees, Wasps and Ants) Experience and skill in ID of
Claire Lacey Bats, Marine Mammals Recorder for Fife and Kinross Bat Group
Clare Rickerby Bryophytes Vice-County Recorder
Dr Adrian T. Sumner Non-Marine Molluscs Conchological Society representative in Scotland
Dr Gillian J Fyfe Butterflies County Recorder (Joint) (Fife and Clacks)
Elspeth Christie Butterflies County Recorder (Joint) (Fife and Clacks)
Graham Sparshott Birds County Recorder
Nigel Voaden Moths County Recorder
Norman Elkins Birds (1) BTO Regional Representative, Fife and Kinross
(2) Regional Organiser for BTO surveys
Sandy Edwards Vascular Plants County Recorder
Simon J. Hayhow Diptera (with a wide range of other entomological and biological interests plus Brown Hares, other mammals, Corn Buntings, etc.) (1) Diptera (formerly National Recorder for Larger Brachycera)
(2) Former employee of RSPB and English Nature
(3) Long-standing interest (30+ years) and association with biological recording and local records centres in many parts of UKy Recorder
Tony Wilson Fungi County Recorder