Biological Recording Form

Fife Nature Records Centre is operated by Fife Council. By submitting your sighting, you agree that Fife Nature Records Centre may include it in a database of nature records and may share it with others (including portals such as NBN Atlas Scotland) in accordance with policies.  Further details are available on request.

Your name will form part of the record; the contact details provided may be used by Fife Nature Records Centre to ask you about your record, but will not be passed to third parties without your express permission.  All personal information will be used and stored in a manner that conforms to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.  Please see the Fife Nature Records Centre Privacy Notice and Fife Council Full Privacy Policy for more information.

If someone else confirmed the identification, please also include their full name.
e.g. Hedgehog
e.g. Erinaceus europaeus
Include sex and/or stage if you know it (e.g. 2 Adult Males, 1 Juvenile)
Ideally, a specific date (dd/mm/yyyy). If not possible, a date range, month and year or just year can still be useful
e.g. Rothesay Place, Glenrothes; or, Riverside Park, Glenrothes (pond beside main car park)
Doing this helps make sure we record your sighting accurately. 'Grab a Grid Reference' may be useful to help you with this.
Please use this field to tell us anything else about your sighting, for example behaviour, habitat, or if you used a particular survey method
Maximum file size: 8 MB. Additional photographs may be uploaded below. If you cannot upload your images, please email to