Biological Recording Form

Fife Nature Records Centre is operated by Fife Council, seconded to Fife Coast and Countryside Trust. By submitting your sighting, you agree that Fife Nature Records Centre may include it in a database of nature records and may share it with others (including NBN Atlas Scotland unless indicated below) in accordance with policies. Further details available on request. Your name will form part of the record; the contact details provided may be used by Fife Nature Records Centre to ask you about your record, but will not be passed to third parties. All personal information will be processed and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please see Fife Council Privacy Statement for more details.

A biological record should consist of at least four pieces of information – the four W’s: What did you see? Where did you see it? When did you see it? Who are you?

Landline or Mobile
If you are filling out this form on behalf of someone else
e.g hedgehog
e.g. Erinaceus europaeus
Include sex/and or stage if you know it (e.g. 2 Adult Males, 1 Juvenile)
A specific date dd/mm/yy is ideal, but if you don't know it, a month and year or date range is still useful.
e.g. NT283997. The Grab a Grid Reference Website may help you with this.
e.g. Bankhead House, 211 Tantallon Avenue, Glenrothes, KY7 4QA
e.g. behaviour, habitat, dead on road.
If you have multiple photographs of what you saw, or you are unable to upload it, please email to