Biodiversity Duty Report

Fife Council has published its first Biodiversity Duty Report. Available to download below, the report demonstrates the breadth of projects, plans, policies and initiatives that the local authority has developed and delivered over the last three years to help enhance biodiversity in Fife- and to meet its biodiversity duty.

All public bodies have a duty to further the conservation of biodiversity while carrying out their responsibilities, as outlined in the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004.

The duty is aimed at connecting people and their environment. It is not just about protecting specific sites or species, and includes how we manage biodiversity in the wider environment, such as in our public parks and greenspaces, through planning policy, while purchasing supplies, or by encouraging staff to engage with biodiversity.

Biodiversity is fundamental to our health, wellbeing and wealth, and provides us with food, fuel and many other vital services that our lives depend on.

The Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 introduced a requirement for all public bodies to report on their compliance with the biodiversity duty every three years.

For Fife Council, the last three years has seen considerable action for biodiversity across a number of services, and shows what can be delivered through partnerships and leadership.

In the coming years, there are opportunities to improve delivery of the biodiversity duty through further and continued mainstreaming, communication, governance and action.



Fife Council Biodiversity Duty Report 2012-2014